Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Hi all,
So after couple of days when things have come to some sense, let's see what the GNUNIFY '08 as regards to the previous year. I remember the previous years, when we had just one floor to GNUNIFY '08 ( this time there were three) & we didn't know how to fill one track (with 3-4 parallel tracks) . We were all volunteers who did whatever we could. Now its nice to see the SICSR guys doing their own stuff. Of course you still come across ignorance, but that's the idea of events like these, that the ignorance gets dispelled.

Day 1 :- Like everyone else, it was hard for me to decide where & what I should be going for. In the end on the 1st day ended up attending the whole mobile track as well as some info. about the roadmap of OpenJDK & where Sun wants to take its stuff. The most entertaining was a guy called Alok Barsode who tickled us with his humour, charm & something called GNU/Linux on bluetooth. The more educational was of Kiran Divekar & had nice talk with him as well.

Day 2 :- Again the problem of plenty, this time attended Anant Narayan who talked quite a bit about Mozilla Prism, which is nothing to write home about at this point in time, but which he thinks has some future, although he wasn't able to generate the interest about it. One thing which did come through is that persistent connectivity with Web Applications is the present as well as the future. I was also delighted to meet Sayamindu who has worked to make softwares happen on the OLPC . We had some interesting discussion as to what problems they have been facing, the roadmap they hope to take & the challenges in front of them. I also went to see what a good friend of mine, Rohit Srivastava was doing. He gave a demo of penetration testing, although the CD needs lot of work still. There was also an linuxchix presentation as well which I didn't attend, was totally boggled by the day's proceedings, all in all a heady mix of things I love :)

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