Sunday, May 11, 2008

moving to wordpress permanently

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Hi all,

Due to blogger being non-free software I'm moving permanently to One can find all my future posts at Wordpress

Saturday, May 10, 2008


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While during the event Yuva_Vividha which I covered in the last post I also did a presentation on a concept called the Wekosystem. Its an interesting concept and I would be talking about Wekosystem in future blog posts. It was not a presentation in the traditional sense but more like an unconference where you throw the idea around and let people pick holes or ask queries on the same. I had originally planned for something like 20-30 mins. with say 15-20 mins for Q&A but people liked the concept and it went on for couple of hours. All in all, must say I enjoyed myself a great deal talking to people and sharing as well as learning from them. First up, the pictures from the event itself as well as the URL where the concept is talked about in more detail.




Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Out of Box

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There are few times in life when you are able to put yourselves in an slightly alien environment and still manage to enjoy oneself. I gave myself that opportunity when I went to Dahanu, Maharashtra to take part in what was known as a community radio workshop. Flickr album

It was 3 days of unadulterated farm life, lot of learning for a newbie like me and enjoyed myself thoroughly all the same.

While everybody is invited to see the whole set here's a snap from the same album.


The other was another expression I was exposed to. I went to something called "Yuva Vividha" which means Youth and Diversity or perhaps celebration of youth in diversity or vice-versa. The thing was done by an NGO called Comet Media Foundation.

While one can have a look of the same at Yuva Vividha Album for the whole set here's an interesting experience I went through. A group of people have put up a site called . Its a wordpress blog and the thinking behind it is interesting. Put up your hand with your name age and city, put your one dream which will make world a better place and choose a color. While its fun I'm sure one could read anything from behavioural patterns (color choice) to political leanings (show the hand, thoughts etc.) I don't know what's the people behind it have the motive and whatever they may be its a fun concept for sure. The other thing they have got as you can see is handycam which isn't as fearful as the video cameras of yesterday. All in all pretty cool for the concept.

Here's one of the photos of me fooling around on the camera


Lastly, all the photos in both the albums as well as showcased here have been shot by a good friend of mine, Lajpat Dhingra. He's an FSF activist too but a much much better photographer than me for sure ;)