Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fontconfig & KeithP

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Hi all,

Been rather busy hence no blogging although there have been no dearth of things to blog about. The most interesting thing is the fontconfig application which I used really for sometime today. The issue I went to a localised marathi site & had to get the fonts. Then after getting few issues with the GUI based tools finally googled & found the CLI way to install & update the font cache. When I did the job, just for the heck of it also read the documentation & found to be pretty good & upto mark. While lead to another round of googling & came to know that KeithP is responsible for this lovely package. For those who don't know KeithP he's the Intel guy who's responsible for all the funky graphics you are able to see on your intel graphics cards/chipsets.

He's probably going to go heaven for adding one more feather to his cap . Thanx KeithP :)

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