Sunday, March 16, 2008


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Hi all,

Another day. Today I was just reminiscing how much things change. As far as my introduction to computers go it started with the advent of BBS'es which had become part of the nerd crowd at that time. This was circa 1991 - '92 . The people who used to run the BBS's had these monster big modems & they would connect to Internet through there ERNET connections . What the guys used to do was that all games & general stuff one could access by connecting to the BBS, for adult content one had to know where to look. Young kids who didn't know any better would go with floppies & get whatever they need. Something like Sneakernet . The media was not upto the mark, and some floppies worked while others didn't & generally people would get frustrated.

Now why am I talking of the past. Simply for the fact the same issues are still making people frustrated. While prOn may be easily available technical or business information is not easily found. Of course Tim's has an idea of the Semantic Web when that will happen or if that happens but as of now one can try enough to feel sleepy & sometimes not get the results.

So after boring u guys with my childhood stories I leave with the thought that everybody is able to find what they are looking for , till next time :)

Comments, suggestions, flames are all welcome :)

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